Tony Fogarassy, B.Sc. and M.Sc.(Geology), LL.B., LL.M.
Chairman of the Board – Independent Director
• Chairman and a Director of CSE listed Deerhorn Capital since 2009
• Principal with Dunbar Law since 1999

Dave O’Brien, B.Sc.(Math)
President and CEO, Executive Director
• Co-Founder, President and Director of Stuhini since July 2017
• President, a Director and the majority shareholder of Michael & Young Fly Shop since 1990

Kazuki Nohdomi, B.Com, M.B.A., C.F.A.
Independent Director
• Portfolio manager at Nicola Wealth Management since 2012
• Sector portfolio manager and equity research analyst at TIAA in New York (2002-2008)

Fiore Aliperti
Independent Director
• President, CEO and director of TSX-V listed Metallis Resources since 2013
• Director of TSX-V listed Datinvest International since 2014
• Executive Chair of Etruscus Resources Corp.

Gary Thompson, B.Sc. (Geology)
Independent Director
• Co-Founder, Chair, President and CEO of TSX-V listed Brixton Metals Corporation since 2006
• Directorof TSX-V listed Omni Commerce Corp since 2018.
• P.Geo. since 2005, 25 years exploration experience

Yana Silina, C.P.A.
Chief Financial Officer
• Director of OTCQB listed Cell MedX since 2016, CFO since 2014
• Director of TSX-V listed Kesselrun Resources since 2014
• Director of CSE Listed Lifestyle Delivery Systems since Jan 2018 and CFO since 2015

Charles Kamimura, B.A. (Economics), Juris Doctor (Law)
Corporate Secretary
• Memberof the NY Bar from 1988 – 1999
• President and Director of a private forestry and land development company


James Dawson, P.Geo., P. Eng.
Advisory Board Member
• Privately operated the Metla property from 2002 - 2016
• Formerly a member of the Technical Advisory Board for Kaminak Gold
• Over 45 years exploration experience

Janet Miller, B.Sc. (Geology)
Metla Project Manager, Company Geologist
• Metla Project Manager for 2017 & 2018 field season
• Over 15 years exploration experience 

 Barry Hanslit
Co-founder, Consultant
• Over 15 years exploration and drilling experience
• Intimate knowledge of Western Cordillera
• Past success in the private mining sector

Sean Kingsley
• 12 years experience corporate development and investor relations in exploration sector